Finally – The Midwest Learns About Condoms

Queef has just stumbled on the best sex education program we’ve ever seen!

The Midwest Teen Sex Show might not be the the best link to click on if you’re the mayor of Racine, but – don’t worry – it’s not porn! They’re not promoting teen sex, but instead creating a “space for frank discussion of all things related to teen sexuality.” Finally. During an age where abstinent-only education reigns, this blunt and campy approach to safe sex really lubes up a normally dry topic. The best part – and the most outrageous – is that it is made for and by midwesterners – bringing a sense of new age liberalism from the coasts to the flat lands.

Queef applauds the efforts of the Teen Sex Show! We hope this approach to open, non judgemental, discussions of important health issues will spread! And while they’ve got episodes on “Orgasms,” “Festishes,” and “Backdoor Business,” we can’t wait for an episode on the Queef!

Check it out – and tell a friend!

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