Submit to the Queef!

Reading Schedule

While we accept submissions year round, we menstruate irregularly four times a year (thanks to the wonders of birth control). Our reporting time is generally two months, after which you may contact us as to the status of your submission (but be warned – we can be subject to mood swings).

Submission Guidelines

Queef is an angry, crying baby in the small press world. Our mission is sketchy and subject to change, but we enjoy reading and publishing what we like. We like angry, political, gender bending, thought prodding, erotic, and humorous exploits.

Queef will consider (for zine publication) up to six pieces of poetry of any size, fiction/prose, interview/review/analysis on contemporary women only, and art work of an inventive nature. We will not consider entire novels. Submit only one manuscript at a time. Please alert us of simultaneous submissions and contact us if your piece has been picked up elsewhere. Please read specific guidelines for your submission.

Include a cover letter, contact information, bio (under 200 words), and picture with your submission.

Queef accepts only electronic submissions. Submissions should be sent to Please type “Submission” in the subject line.

We cannot offer payment, just the opportunity to see your work published. (We’re in a recession, dammit!)

Poetry Guidelines

We love provocative, experimental work! We don’t care for rhyme – or reason, for that matter. It’s always a plus if the poem touches on gender issues – but we like surprises!

Queef will accept up to 6 poems of any length for consideration, but we have a tender spot in our groin for tight or micro poems. Please send submission as a .doc (or PDF if you have a specific format that you are worried will not translate between word processors), and copy and paste into the body of the email.

Fiction Guidelines

We love fiction that feels like an acid trip gone bad! We don’t care for linear plots and strong character development, but won’t necessarily be offended by them. Of course, gender focused pieces are a plus – but we like surprises!

Queef will accept up to 3,000 words, but we get a little wet for the under 1,000 word short-and-sweets. Please send submission as a .doc (or PDF for specific formatting) and copy and paste into the body of an email.

Reviews/Analysis Guidelines

Queef publishes reviews/analysis of poetry, fiction, criticism, visual art, creative non-fiction, erotica, and pornography by contemporary women. We are also interested in interviews.

Queef will accept up to five pages, double spaced, with MLA citations, of review/analysis/interview for publication in the zine. Longer pieces must be queried. Please send submission as a .doc format and pasted into the body of the email.

Visual Art Guidelines

Queef likes books with pictures! We enjoy images that make us laugh, or that make us return again and again to try to figure out just what is going on!

Up to 3 visuals should be emailed as .jpg’s at 300 resolution. They may be printed within the zine, as cover art, and placed on the website.


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