Queef’s goal is to connect visitors to current and updated fringe feminist resources and outlets, to connect visitors to other small press/zine/feminist artists of diverse genres, and to publish a quarterly zine featuring and focused on the promotion of diverse fringe feminists, women, genderqueer, and other quality art/criticism.


Queef was founded in 2008 by Carly-Anne Ravnikar. It began as a vision for a simple zine focused on publishing women, but is quickly growing into a forum for “thirdwave” identity exploration and an online hub of fringe feminist resources and promotion of other small press activities/peoples.

Carly-Anne  graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a degree in English and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She has been the recipient of the Bank One Student Leadership Scholarship, the Z-Chi National Scholarship, an Academic Achievement Award, and an Outstanding Graduate Award. Her critique of Arielle Greenberg’s “Gurlesque” asthetic theory was the first place recipient for the UW-Parkside Women and Gender Studies’ Teresa Peck Award. She has had poetry published in The Bathroom, Monkey Puzzle, Outhouse, and Straylight, her visual art has been featured in Outhouse and the Racine Arts Council’s Truth, Trust, and Transition exhibition, and her micro play, “Board,” was produced by the UW-Parkside Original New Play Festival.  She and, subsequently, Queef are based out of Racine, Wisconsin. While Queef has a focus on highlighting current events/presses/peeps in the Midwest, Queef strives to promote authors/artists/events from and ongoing around the globe.


queef (kweef) n.
the expulsion of air from a vagina after sexual intercourse, usually very fast-paced or deep intercourse, and most often resulting after the “doggy style” position, or variants of said position. queefs are known to have a “wet” sound, and can occur during intercourse, or after. queefs occur when an object, usually a penis, creates a vacuum of air inside the vagina, usually because of a certain angle or position, or because of use of a condom, and happen when the penis or object is removed or pushed deeper into the vagina. many think of queefs as a “sex interrupter” because females are usually embarrassed and males usually embarrassed or amused as the very unique and recognizable sound of a queef. (urbandictionary.com)

queef zine (kweef zeeeeeen) n.
an accidental discharge of America’s literary female flatulence. a queef zine is known to have a “wet” sound, and is usually the occasional release of women artists during penetration, usually by a penis, often resulting from the “doggy style” position, or forced and rapid penetration. a queef zine is known to focus on publishing women or gender queered writers (or any person, humanoid, or meat popsicle) with the ability to submit the most repulsive and disgraceful poetry, short fiction, prose, critical work, editorials, or visual art – or anything else we might find interesting, thought provoking, intelligent, well written/researched, or just tickles our delicate fancies. queef zine often accepts submissions because of a certain angle or position, or because of the amount of feminist driven publications that have been removed or pushed deeper into the vagina because of a penis, condom or not. many think queef zine is a “sex interrupter” because the penis is often humiliated that for a second the attention is no longer on the penis, but is now dedicated to the rush of air protesting the awkward penetration. some are usually embarrassed by a queef zine, though most should be amused at the very unique and recognizable sound of a queef zine.


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