Ready and Willing

Howdy, Howdy,

I am proud to announce that Queef is pretty much off the ground and rolling … rolling around in the cesspool of on-line journals and web-blogs … but we are honored to be in your company.

Our guidelines are official. Our mission is grounded. We are are just holding our vaginal breath and getting ready for one big not-silent-but-fragrance-free-and-deadly Queef!

Our goal is to eventually receive enough regular submissions to publish weekly on-line content. In the meantime, though, we will be updating you on our quest for identity, news blogs, and bitchy rants.

If you’re just checking back on our progress, you have probably noticed our deleted use of “thirdwave” feminism, and it’s replacement with “fringe” feminism. This will be the subject of conversation for the next upcoming weeks, as we have found in feminist theory a real lack of coherency on what thirdwave actually represents, a solid definition of the “movement,” (or when it even started, for christ’s sake.) But don’t get too caught up in the identity issue. If you’ve got some strong material you want to send our way, please do.

Also, if you’ve got a cool link we’re missing – let us know! If you’ve got a small press you want promoted/reviewed – let us know! If you’ve got some news worth ranting about – let us know! If you want to write regularly for our website – let us know! If you’ve recently been mauled by a tiger in a California zoo or have been disqualified from the Olympics because you have prosthetic legs – keep it to yourself, poor little tink-tink!

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under cuntstruction

well, just bare with us as we work to change the look of this page, submission guidelines, and everything else queefy.

by the end of feb we should have the word press wrinkles pressed out and will have our revised mission and guidelines set. if you want to get something crazy in before the new submission guidelines – do it fast!

in the meantime, please feel free to check out the recommended links! we plan on adding to them continuously.

also. please feel free to get in touch – or just get touched. we would love any feedback, suggestions, rants, etc. if you’d like to join the staff … or a less phallic phrase for working on the zine … hit us up. or down.

  • “I've seen your revulsion and it looks real good on you...” (Courtney Love)
  • . . .
  • "feminism is for everyone" bell hooks
  • . . .
  • "Look, if you want to torture me, spank me, lick me, do it. But if this poetry shit continues, shoot me now, please." Tank Girl
  • . . .
  • "Fuck yr heroes, I'm saving myself." — Daphne Gottlieb (Final Girl)
  • ...
  • "I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat." Rebecca West
  • ...
  • “The learning process is something you can incite, literally incite, like a riot.” Audre Lorde
  • "I'm sorry, it's just, it's kinda funny how much it bothers you." Sharon Marsh, Southpark.